[Listing] The Official Nigerians NFT(2022-9-7)

The Official Nigerians NFT will be listed on NFT Farming List.

September 7 ,2022 Wednesday

Project Name: The Official Nigerians NFT

Contract Address: 0x9f35425c2Ef3616dD024d866082E0B61023fBFE1

WNFT Contract Address: 0x7c3d40C4e701d8000Aa5430bF7C1f7442940a6e6

Start Block: 15490150 (≈12:00 PM(Noon), September 7, 2022, UTC)

Reward Blocks: 4680000 (≈840 days)

Pool Size: 100,000 $STB

Phase Rewards:

Phase I Reward

195k Blocks≈30D

Phase 2 Reward

585k Blocks≈90D

Phase 3 Reward

1560k Blocks≈240D

Phase 4 Reward

2340k Blocks≈360D

16,667 STB

25,000 STB

33,333 STB

25,000 STB

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