How do I create a NFT?

1. Create NFT

Click the [Add NFT] button on the collection details page to jump to the page.

Upload the image of the NFT, enter the name, profile, properties (optional), etc.

Select a collection for NFT and click the [Create] button.

In the pop-up prompt box, click [Confirm] to start creating NFT.

NFT created successfully.

Click [Continue to create] - page back to Create NFT.

Click [View] - Jump to NFT details page.

You can view all the NFTs you have created in the [Created] Tab of your personal home page.

2. Create the specified purchase NFT

StarBlock provides you with the ability to assign NFT to a fixed address for purchase.

When creating an NFT, click on the [Create] button after clicking on the [Enable Specified Purchase] option.

After clicking [Confirm], wait a moment for the pop-up window to appear with the configuration information of the specified purchase.

Fill in the following information in the pop-up window and click [Submit].

1). Fill in the account address of the designated purchaser.

2). Set the NFT price.

3). Set the deadline for collecting the purchase (optional).

After the MetaMask window appears, click [Signature] to complete the configuration of the information for the specified purchase.

After successful creation, you can click to view the NFTs that have been created.