How do I create a collection?

Open StarBlock interface, click the home page [Create Now] button or menu bar [Create] to jump to the creation of NFT interface.

In the Create NFT interface, we first need to create Collection, click [New Collection] to jump to the Create Collection page.

1. Enter content to create

(1). Select the local avatar and cover image

(2). Select avatar can be cropped for image upload (not less than 400*400, support display gif), select cover image upload (only support 800*800px)

(3). Enter the name, profile, social links (optional), number of NFTs in the collection.

(4). Set the unit price, royalty and launch time of the collection

Unit price: the unit price set for the collection is the price of the collection to create NFT, the system charges a 2.5% handling fee.

Royalty: the royalty fee charged when NFT is resold.

Online time: you can set two kinds, one immediately online, a regular online.

(5). Click the Create button after the content is filled in.

2. Save the collection

Click the [Create Collection] button and save the collection as a first step.

3. Wallet initialization

A step-by-step pop-up window will appear on the page, wait for the initialization of the wallet, and then click [Confirm] after the Metamask pop-up window appears on the page (this requires you to pay a certain amount of ETH).

4. Deployment Collection

Click the [Start] button to deploy the collection.

A Metamask pop-up will appear for confirmation.

Start waiting for the deployment of the collection.

The MetaMask prompt will pop up in the upper right corner after the assembly is deployed and the button status will change to Completed.

5. Signature

For the final signature step, click the [Start] button.

Metamask pops up and click on Signature.

1). Click [Signature] and the collection will be created successfully.

2). Click the [View Collection] button to jump to the finished collection details page, in the collection details page you can continue to add NFT, shelf, edit and other operations.

The created collection can be viewed on the [Collection] tab of your personal home page.