How to sell NFTs?

• Select an NFT that you want to place an order in the NFT held on the personal homepage

• Click to enter the NFT details page, click [Sell]

1).Sell NFT Settings

• Set NFT sales time

• Set NFT unit price: You can set ETH and STB to sell

• Click the save button

• After setting the NFT information, click Next to enter the wallet signature interface

2).Wallet signature

• Complete the following three steps in sequence: initialize the wallet, authorize the sale, and sign the operation

• Initialize wallet:

• Authorized to sell:

• sign:

• After the wallet signature is completed, click [Next] to enter [Sell]

(3). Online sales

• Click [Sell NFT] to put NFT on the shelf

• Display the setting information of the NFT

• Click the Confirm button to list the NFT

• NFT set up for sale

(4). Sell off the shelf

• When selling NFTs, click [Cancel List]

• Click [Confirm] to hang up the MateMask wallet

• Click【Confirm】

• NFT cancels the sale status

(5). NFTs are sold at a reduced price

• Click the [Lower Price] button

Pop-up markdown popup

• Fill in the price of the reduced price

• Modify the sales time

• Click the Confirm button

• Pop up the MateMask wallet and click [SIGN]