Deployed Contract Addresses

All StarBlock DAO contracts have been open sourced to GitHub: and deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet.

StarBlock Token(STB) Contract

Mainnet: 📃 0xC481A850aEad5002598b7eD355cBB3349c148072

StarBlock Exchange Contract

Mainnet: 📃 0x2bc04c703f44e3b1ab85283094c82d9091c90bdd

NFTMasterChef Contract

Mainnet: 📃 0xBbF9CC5DeCDB8e1d9895b7d98793136798BD512E

NFTMasterChef is the core contract of NFT Farming on StarBlock DAO and contains the main logic of staking NFT: reward and dividend. Every NFT Collection will have a pool in NFTMasterChef, which is responsible for distributing the StarBlock Token: STB to all the staked NFTs in the pool.

WrappedNFTFactory Contract

Mainnet: 📃 0x6df4A699Ac7086Ee4a8d0602F2D00A0054a0930A

WrappedNFTFactory is the contract to deploy Wrapped NFT(short as WNFT) Collection contract on StarBlock DAO, which is the wrapped collection of original NFT collection. Wrapped NFT is equivalent to the original NFT and can be traded arbitrarily, 1 WNFT = 1 Original NFT.