A collection of ERC721/ERC1155 compliant collections on blockchain
Original NFT
The NFT supported by StarBlock DAO staking contract and can be staked to generate WNFT
Wrapped NFT
A wrapped collection of the original NFT collection, which is equivalent to the original NFT and can be traded arbitrarily
Short for Wrapped NFT
NFT Farming
Staking the original NFT will reward the governance token STB and get WNFT
Deposit NFT
The operation of staking original NFT as WNFT and will receive STB farming rewards continuously
Withdraw NFT
The operation of unstaking WNFT to original NFT, and at the same time, you will receive STB farming rewards
WNFT Trading Farming
The platform revenue generated by WNFT during the trading process will be returned to users in the form of STB
STB Staking
Stake STB to the farming pool, you will receive STB rewards and WETH income dividends